Jumieges Cathedral, France
Roses, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
River at Coquimbo, Chile
Santa Fe Railway, New Mexico
Marine Iguana, Isabella, Galapagos Islands



Travel is a most important part of Simon Davey’s life, and he feels immensely privileged to have been able to travel widely as a tour leader and cruise ship guest lecturer. However, this has not been his only travelling experience. As a member of the British Lichen Society, he joined them and the American Tuckerman Society on a most enjoyable expedition to Newfoundland where he saw two rare lichens belonging to the genus Erioderma as well as the fascinating temperate soft wood forests that occur there. The Lichen Society has also taken him to Holland where they were guests of Dutch Colleagues, and to the Sierra de Guaderrama in Central Spain.


Private holidays with his wife have included three trips to the southern states of America where he has visited the Hill Country of Texas as well as New Mexico where he enjoyed a considerable variety of countryside and wildlife. More recently in 2007, he visited Colorado, and explored the Rocky Mountains from Boulder and Flagstaff Mountain south to Santa Fe in New Mexico. As well as America, he and his wife have travelled to, and explored Northern France, Jersey, the Irish Republic and extensively in Scotland. Throughout these trips he has taken many photographs of wildlife, travel and human interest subjects.


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