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Simon Davey Ecological Consultancy

Simon Davey, MA, AMA, CBiol MSB, MIEEM, is a specialist in lichens and also undertakes ecological surveys that are broader based. He also specialises in ecological evaluation and habitat assessments.


His botanical expertise includes:

- Lichens,

- Higher Plants,

- Bryophytes, and

- Charophytes


Insects are also a feature of the work undertaken and areas of expertise include:

- Butterflies and Moths,

- Dragonflies,

- Grasshoppers and Crickets,

- as well as Hoverflies


Simon Davey Ecological Consultancy undertakes many specialist lichen surveys, but ecological evaluation of potential development sites constitutes a considerable proportion of the work.


Simon Davey has travelled extensively, both as a leader of Natural History Holidays and as a Natural History Lecturer on board cruise ships. These activities have taken him to the Arctic, Central and South America, Central Asia and the Middle East as well as the Baltic and the Galapagos Islands.


As a naturalist he has also visited France, Spain (including the Picos de Europa, the Central Sierras, the Sierra Nevada, the Spanish Pyrenees, Mallorca and the Canary Islands), Greece (including Corfu and Crete), Turkey, Southern USA, Canada and the Falkland Islands.


Simon Davey is also a proficient photographer with a broad range of subject matter. A section on photography is on this website.


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